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U.S. Highway 60

Started by JohnB, October 31, 2007, 07:37:03 AM

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Commisioned in 1926 , US 60 was first suppose to follow the route later taken by 66. After some southern states complained that having US 60 only go from Chicago to LA would violate the policy that highway numbers ending in zero were to be transcontinental, the route was changed.

In the beginning US 60 ran from Virginia Beach,VA to Los Angeles, CA. In 1966 California decommisioned US 60 and the terminus was moved to Arizona.

If one does a search for information about U.S. Highway 60, they will find alot of information about this roads history in the American Southwest. Not much can be found of the eastern part of the route. That is a problem I hope to address and correct. Beginning with the area around my home here in Kentucky.

For the time being, I will post a few scans of maps and post cards I have in my collection.

After a few failed attempts onEbay,I finally got a tourist map that shows the entire route.

As time goes by I hope to add to this from my albums of photos I've taken while traveling for business, going to car shows or just for pleasure.


Excellent. I look forward to your posts. I'd really like to know much more about 60, and I hope others along the road can include their own information and maps as well.



This summer I drove along US 60 from Soccoro to Springerville as part of my National Old Trails Road trip. The original road was mostly running in ranch land closer to a now defunct rail line. In the town areas the NOTR joined the path of US 60, and evidently did so in the canyon areas for the most part. I can see the older road in aerial photos parallel to current 60. East of the VLA radio observatory, I drove a long stretch of a road called "Old Hwy 60" on my Garmin road map. I had to go through two unlocked gates, and the road surface was pretty bad, but I could drive the whole path. The road then became NM 166 (at the junction with NM 52) up to the VLA entrance. West of the visitor center the road is marked as being for authorized vehicles only. I know this older path called "Old Hwy 60" is the National Old Trails road since my 1926 map showed locations such as Augustine Well on the route.