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Title: Index map to auto club map series
Post by: Parsa on December 13, 2011, 11:14:33 AM
This image is the index map (map number "600") to the Automobile Club of Southern California strip maps for the National Old Trails Road, Lincoln Highway, Midland Trail, Arrowhead Trail, King of Trails, and an old Illinois route approximately on 1930s Route 66.

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Title: Re: Index map to auto club map series
Post by: Parsa on December 13, 2011, 09:34:13 PM
Here are the auto club map file numbers for the maps in these series.

Midland Trail series

Part 6 – 10 are likely numbers 563 through 567, but I have not seen them, and these are outside California, so the file numbers may be different.
There was an earlier version of this series in which Los Angeles to Big Pine are numbered 272 – 276.

Arrowhead Trail series

There was likely an earlier number set for the Arrowhead Trail, but I haven't seen them. I have scans of the 1930s booklets, and there are more maps in that series. The maps in these later sets are numbered 1150 – 1159. If anyone has this older set, please contact me with the number information.

National Old Trails Road series

-- Initial series, Los Angeles to Kansas City --

-- Alternate Holbrook to Albuquerque route via Gallup --

-- Second series, Kansas City to St. Louis --

-- Third series, St. Louis to New York City (the historic National Road) --

The index map above is number 600. A few other maps are of interest that are related to the NOTR series. Maps 12A and 12B (234 and 233) were later replaced by a single map numbered 233½ called "National Old Trails to Grand Canyon." In addition to map 253, there was also a 253A, which showed part of the auto trail called the New Santa Fe Trail, "Dodge City to Kinsley and Macksville." By 1926, the entire New Santa Fe Trail was included as an alternate NOTR route in the strip map booklet. Earlier, however, the four New Santa Fe Trail maps below were found in books as a 4 map insert sheet. Colorado Series Part K below also contains a section of the NSFT.

Map 1168 was later replaced by map 1168A covering the same section.

Colorado Series

This series was included in the 1916 National Old Trails Road booklet, but does not appear in the 1920s editions. Many early NOTR maps showed these loops in Colorado as "America's Playground." Some of the sections were considered unofficial Colorado extensions of the Lincoln Highway. These are actually part of what is referred to as the Greeley Route, a section not sanctioned by the Lincoln Highway Association. Four of the maps include part of the Colorado to Gulf Highway, and one shows a single section of the New Santa Fe Trail.

St. Louis to Chicago series

In the 1916 National Old Trails Road book, the part numbers continue from where the Warrenton to St. Louis card left off — at Part 43, and continue to Part 48. The map file numbers also continue from where the second NOTR series left off. The route follows an interesting path. It leave the NOTR near Collinsville, Illinois, travels through Maryville to Edwardsville. However, rather than following the 66 path through Hamel, it follows an older route along the tracks through little Worden to Staunton. From there one would expect it to follow old Illinois State Route 4, the original path of Route 66. However, instead it follows a winding zig-zag path along the route of later US 66.

King of Trails series

The King of Trails was an early "meridian" cross-country highway running from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Brownsville on the Texas gulf coast.

Lincoln Highway — Ely to Salt Lake City series

I've never seen any of the maps from this five part series, but I assume it includes five sequential map file numbers missing from my strip map list (

Lincoln Highway — Salt Lake City to Omaha series

I suspect there are much earlier map files numbers for these than what I own. I do have maps that cover this series, but they are from the 1930s and 1940s, well after the time of the Lincoln Highway as an auto trail. Maps Part 2 through 12 are numbered 1287 to 1297. I assume that Part 1 (Salt Lake to Castle Rock) is number 1286, and Parts 13 and 14 are numbers 1298 and 1299, as these maps are missing from my strip map list ( Since my strip map booklets are later, these missing maps for Part 1, Part 13, and Part 14 have been replaced with even later maps from the auto club.

Lincoln Highway — Omaha to Chicago and Philadelphia series

These have been posted on the Lincoln Highway National Museum and Archives website. The originals were evidently in the Library of Congress. Since they start with 601, the initial series is evidently the same age as the third NOTR series and the index map. The Library of Congress stamp says the maps were received on 5 July 1921. This is relatively old, but perhaps there was an older version with the same numbers from the 1910s. However, I have seen none in the Los Angeles archives of the ACSC, so these may be the oldest printed.