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President's Touch Will Weld Final Link in Lee Highway in S. D. Today

― reprinted from the San Diego Union, 17 Nov 1923, page 1.


THE final link will be welded into a 3000-mile transcontinental chain today when President Calvin Coolidge at 1:25 p.m., San Diego time, touches an electric button in the White House officially dedicating the Pacific milestone of the Lee Highway. Simultaneously with the ringing of the gong by the President at Washington the Sciots' massed band will strike up the strains of the "Star-Spangled Banner," while Col. Ed Fletcher unveils the monument.
Colonel Fletcher, vice president of the Lee Highway association, and pastophori of the San Diego Sciots, was personally selected by the President as his official representative and spokesman in recognition of his active interest in good roads movements throughout the country. The presidential dedicatory address will be read by Col. Fletcher immediately after the unveiling.
Governor Richardson has appointed Senator E. D. Sample to speak for him and Mayor John L. Bacon will make a short address on behalf of the city. President George L. Mayne of the San Diego chamber of commerce will preside at the ceremonies and will give a short talk.
Admiral Samuel S. Robison, commander of the Pacific battle fleet, who is making a short visit to San Diego and Rear Admiral Ashley H. Robertson, commandant of the eleventh naval district, will be present; Rear Admiral Robertson has agreed to speak. Other distinguished guests will include U. S. Grant, jr., Rear Admiral S. E. W. Kittelle, Brig. Gen. Joseph H. Pendleton, Capt. A. W. Marshall, Capt. T. T. Craven, Capt. J. H. Tomb, Capt. David F. Sellers, Capt. E. H. Watson, Capt. F. W. F. Wieber, Maj. H. H. Arnold and Lieut. B. C. Daily. The Sciots will have a representative to speak for them.

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