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U.S. Highway 80

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U.S. numbered highway 80 stretches between Savannah, Georgia (later Tybee Island) on the Atlantic and San Diego, California on the Pacific. Much of U.S. 80 was along the path of the earlier Dixie Overland Highway. In the west, U.S. 80 also followed the Old Spanish Trail, the Lee Highway, the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway, the Bankhead Highway, and the Lone Star Trail. In the state of California, US 80 received state recognition as an Historic Route in August, 2006.

Old US 80 photo in Texas

The highway has been slowly decommissioned eastward, so that now 80 officially ends at Dallas, Texas. Much of the old road in the west still exists, however.

U.S. 80 once travelled through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

The highway was one of the first numbered highways planned in 1925. However, much of 80's roadbed already existed in many areas prior to that, since if followed well traveled auto trails dating as far back as 1915.


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