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I've posted a list of everything I can currently find on the ACSC strip maps. They are not just California. They are arranged by map file number.

Automobile Club of Southern California Strip Maps


32 Web Site / Automobile club of Washington strip map list
« on: February 28, 2010, 02:07:39 AM »
I've made a list of strip maps that I have from the Automobile Club of Washington and the Automobile Club of Western Washington (part of the former). Other lists will be posted, including a big Automobile Club of Southern California database.

Highway and Road Associations

— from Highway Engineer and Contractor, July 1921, Vol. 5 No. 1, Chicago

Alabama Highway Improvement Association—President, F. J. Cramton, Montgomery; Secretary, Earl Lay, Montgomery.

Albert Pike Highway—President, Cyrus S. Avery; Secretary, E. Bee Guthrey, Tulsa, Okla.—Hot Springs, Ark., to Colorado Springs, Colo.

American Association of State Highway Officials—President, W. S. Kellar, Montgomery, Ala.; Secretary, John H. Mullin, St. Paul, Minn.

American Road Builders' Association—President, George P. Coleman, Richmond, Va.; Secretary, E. L. Powers, 150 Nassau street, New York.

American Society for Municipal Improvements—Secretary, Charles C. Brown, Valparaiso, Ind.

Arkansas Good Roads and Drainage Association—President, E. E. Alexander; secretary, Robert O. Schaefer, Masonic Temple, Little Rock, Ark. Annual meeting—Little Rock, in January.

Arrowhead Trail—President, M. P. Chubb, Redlands, Cal.; Secretary, F. V. Owen. 858 Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, Cal.—Los Angeles, Cal., to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Associated Highways of America—President. C. F. Adams, Chillicothe, Mo.; Secretary, Frank A. Davis, 120 W. 10th street, Kansas City, Mo.

Associated Pennsylvania Highway Contractors—President, H. H. Wilson; Secretary and General Manager, Chas. F. Puff, Jr., 200 N. Third street, Harrisburg, Pa.

Banff to Grand Canyon Road—President, James W. Davidson, Calgary; Secretary, M. Max Goodsill, Helena, Mont.

Bankhead National Highway Association —President, James Sproull; secretary. J. A. Rountree, Birmingham; treasurer Leon G. Jones; director at large, C. M, Vanstory.

Big Four Trail—President, I. A. Lumpkin, Mattoon, Ill.; Secretary, George W. Bailey, Brookfleld, Mo.—Terre Haute, Ind., to St. Louis, Mo.

Boone Way—President, Jim Maret, Mount Vernon, Ky.; Secretary, W. H. Fish, Mount Vernon, Ky.—Lexington, N. C., to Louisville, Ky.

Central Florida Highway Association—President, T. Ed Bryan, Tampa, Fla.; Secretary, L. P. Dickie, Tampa, Fla.

Chicago, Black Hills and Yellowstone Park Highway (Black and Yellow Trail)—President, T. B. Roberts, Sr.; Secretary, O. M. Phelps, Huron, S. D.—Chicago, Ill., to Yellowstone Park, Wyo.

Chicago, Kansas City and Gulf Highway—President, Robert N. Carson, Iowa City, Ia.; Secretary, Harry W. Graham. Chillicothe, Mo.—Chicago, Ill., to Galveston, Tex.

Connecticut Good Roads and Motor Association—President, Frank T. Staples, Bridgeport, Conn.; Secretary, C. M. Robinson, New Haven, Conn.

Cornhusker Highway Association—President, C. H. Wilson. Lincoln, Nebr.; Vice-President, C. J. Hoester, Marysville, Kan.; Secretary-Treasurer, J. Lloyd McMaster, Lincoln. Nebr.

Corn Belt Route—President. A. B. Hurd; Secretary, George R. Curtiss, El Paso, Ill.—Effner, Ind., to Burlington, Ia.

Custer Battlefield Highway—President, George J. Weideman, Lewistown, Mont.; Secretary. W. D. Fisher, Sheridan, Wyo.—Omaha, Neb., to Glacier Park, Mont.

Dallas-Canadian-Denver Highway—President. D. J. Young; Secretary, W. A. Palmer, Canadian, Tex. — Galveston Tex., to Boulder, Colo.

Denver-Yellowstone Highway—Secretary, C. F. Patterson, Lander, Wyo.—Denver to Yellowstone National Park.

Dixie Highway—President, M. M. Allison; secretary-treasurer, W. R. Long, 1012–1014 Georgia avenue, Chattanooga, Tenn.; assistant secretary, V. D. L. Robinson.

Dixie Overland Highway—President, Col. Ed. Fletcher, San Diego, Cal.; Secretary, Leland J. Henderson, Columbus, Ga.—Savannah, Ga., to San Diego, Cal.

Evergreen National Highway—President, F. H. Sweetland; Secretary, S. E. Brokaw, Tacoma. Wash.—Victoria, B. C., to El Paso, Tex.

Federal Highway Council—President, S. M. Williams; secretary, H. G. Shirley, 401 McKim bldg., 1311 G St., Northwest, Washington. D. C.

Federated Highways Association of North Missouri—President, C. F. Adams; Secretary-Treasurer, Harry W. Graham, Chillicothe, Mo.

Ft. Smith-Pauls Valley-Wichita Falls Highway—President, J. R. McChesney, Pauls Valley. Okla.; Secretary, Thomas. F. Hodge, Devol, Okla.

Four States Branch-Bankhead Highway—President, C. O. Johnson, Durant, Okla.—Hot Springs, Ark., to Roswell, N. M.

George Washington National Highway—President. P. A. Wells; Secretary, W. B. Cheek, 315 Livestock Exchange, Omaha, Nebr.—Seattle, Wash., to Savannah, Ga.

Georgia Highways Association—President, W. T. Anderson, Macon; Secretary, F. Roger Miller, Macon, where headquarters are located.

Geyser-to-Glacier Highway—Secretary, M. Max Goodsill. Helena, Mont.—Yellowstone to Glacier Park.

Good Roads Association of Greater Kansas City—President. Estel Scott; secretary, George D. Hurley; manager. J. Frank Smith. Kansas City, Mo.

Grant Highway—Secretary. Malcolm MacKinnon, Rockford, Ill.—Chicago, Ill., to Portland, Ore.

Gulf-Atlantic Highway Association—Honorary President, Chas. Henry Davis, Cape Cod, Mass.; President, Leland J. Henderson, Columbus, Ga.; Secretary, George H. Cox, Troy. Ala.

Highway Engineers' Association of Missouri—President. C. E. Swank. Charleston, Mo.; Secretary, Carl W. Brown, Jefferson City, Mo.

Illinois Highway Improvement Association—President, William G. Edens. 125 W. Monroe street, Chicago; secretary and general counsel, Robert W. Dunn, 10 South La Salle street, Chicago.

Highway Industries Association—President. S. M. Williams; secretary, H. G. Shirley. 401 McKim bldg., 1311 G St..

Jackson Highway—President, P. L. Atherton; Secretary, R. R, Hikes, 315 Atherton building, Louisville, Ky.—Chicago, Ill., to New Orleans, La.

Jefferson Highway Association — President, Walter Parker; General Secretary. J. K. Martin, Little Falls. Minn.

King of Trails—President, W. W. Brown, Parsons, Kan.; Secretary, Frank A. Davis. Rosedale, Kan.—Winnipeg, Can., to Galveston, Tex.

Lakes and Gulf Coast Highway Association—President, A. L. Carter, Medora, Ill.; Secretary-Manager, N. C. Wilhite, 2621 College Ave., Alton, Ill.

Lakes to Gulf Highway—President, C. F. Adams; Secretary-Treasurer, Harry W. Graham, Chillicothe, Mo.—Duluth Minn., to Galveston, Tex.

Lee Highway—President, D. D. Hull, Jr.; Secretary-Treasurer, John Wood, Roanoke, Va.—Gettysburg, Pa., to New Orleans, La.

Robert E. Lee Transcontinental Highway—President, F. A. Schaeffer, Houston, Tex.; Secretary, H. H. Peden, Houston, Tex.—New Orleans, La., to El Paso, Tex.

Lewis and Clark Highway—President, R. C. Beach; secretary, Jesse Adams, Lewiston, Ida.—Lewiston, Ida., to Missoula, Mont.

Lincoln Highway Association—President, J. N. Gunn; Vice-presidents, Henry B. Joy, F. A. Sieberling, R. D. Chapin and Carl G. Fisher; Vice-President and Secretary. Austin F. Bement; Field Secretary, G. S. Hoag.

Logan-Lee Highway—President, George H. Goodall; Secretary, Klrby Smith, Mount Vernon, Ill.—Rock Island, Ill., to Paducah, Ky.

Louisiana Jefferson Highway Association —President. C. M. Weeks, Garyville, La.; Secretary, R. D. Nibert, Bunkie, La.

Mark Twain Route—President, Henry G. Briggs, Quincy, Ill.; Secretary. George W. Bailey, Brookfield. Mo.—Chicago, Ill., to Kansas City. Mo.

Massachusetts Highway Association—President, William J. Gannon; secretary, John M. McCarthy, Room 212. State House, Boston.

Meridian Highway—President, J. C. Nicholson. Newton, Kan.; Secretary, G. A. MacNaughton, San Marcos, Tex.—Winnipeg, Can., to Laredo. Tex.

Mississippi Valley Highway Association —President. S. E. Pierson; Secretary, J. C. Wilson, Carrollton, Ill.

Missouri Good Roads Federation—President Maj. Harry B. Hawes; secretary, M. V. Carroll, Sedalia, Mo.

Missouri Valley Road Builders' Association—Chairman, M. W. Watson, State Highway Engineer of Kansas; secretary-treasurer, M. R. Amerman, Salina, Kans.

Montana Highway Improvement Association—President, Nelson Story, Bozeman; Secretary, J. A. Harader, Bozeman.

National Highway Association—President, Charles Henry Davis, Elmwood, Cambridge, Mass.

National Highway Traffic Association—President, Arthur H. Blanchard, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Secretary. Elmer Thompson, 237 W. 54th street. New York City.

National Old Trails Road Association—President, J. M. Lowe, Kansas City. Mo.; secretary-treasurer, Frank A. Davis, Rosedale, Kans.

National Parks Highway—President, W. G. Edens, Chicago. Ill.; Secretary, Frank W. Guilbert, Spokane, Wash.—New York to Seattle, Wash.

National Park-to-Park Highway—President. Gus Holmes; Secretary, L. L. Newton, Cody. Wyo.—Circuit of National Parks.

National Parks Touring Association—President, Gus Holms; Secretary-Treasurer. L. L. Newton, Cody, Wyo.

New Hampshire Good Roads Association—President, Harry Smith, Lakeport, N. H.; Secretary-Treasurer, Joseph H. Kilourhy, Laconia, N. H.

New York State Road Builders' Association—President, John H. Gordon, Albany; secretary. M. F. Duggan, Albany.

North Carolina Good Roads Association—President, W. A. McGirt. Wilmington. N. C.; Secretary. Miss H. M. Berry. Chapel Hill, N. C.

North Missouri Cross State Highway Association—President, H. Frank Holman, Moberly, Mo.; Secretary-Treasurer, S. K. Turner, Carrollton, Mo.

Northwestern Highway Section of the American Association of Engineers—President, C. H. Whitmore, 333 State House, Salem, Ore.; Secretary, J. W. DeSouza, 333 State House, Salem, Ore.

Old Wire Road Association—President, C D. Manly, Cassville, Mo.; Secretary, B. F. Carney, Crane. Mo.

Old Spanish Trail Association—President, Harry L. Miller, San Antonio. Tex.; Secretary, Herbert Bayliss, Lake Charles, La.

Omaha and St. Louis Highway—President, C. F. Roger. Lincoln, Neb.; Secretary, E. M. Parke, Lincoln, Neb.

Oregon Trail—Sponsored by Daughters of American Revolution.—Cheyenne, Wyo., to Portland, Ore.

Ozark Trails—President, W. H. Harvey; Secretary, M. Leake, Monte Ne, Ark.—St. Louis, Mo., to Las Vegas. N. M.

Pacific Highway—President, Samuel Hill, Maryhill, Wash.; Secretary, Frank M. Fretwell, Seattle, Wash.—Vancouver. B. C., to San Diego. Cal.

Pacific Northwest Touring Association—President, Hon. E. A. Todd, Victoria, B. C.: Secretary, Herbert Cuthbert, L. C. Smith building, Seattle, Wash.

Perry Highway Association—President, G. Henry Schmunk, Pittsburgh; Secretary, C. E. Behrhorst. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Pershing Historic Highway—President, Bert A. George; Secretary, Walter S. Whitten, Lincoln, Neb.

Pershing Way—President C. H. Draper. Wells. Minn.; Secretary-Manager, Herbert McDougal, Cedar Falls, Ia.—Winnipeg, Can., to New Orleans, La.

Public Lands States Highway Association—President, Louis E. Bean, Eugene, Ore.; Harry R. Hawley, Secretary, 1100 Vermont avenue, Washington, D. C.

Red Ball Route—President, Robert N. Carson, Iowa City. Ia.—St. Paul, Minn., to St. Louis, Mo.

River-to-River Road—President, L. V. Russell: Secretary, E. H. Spaulding, Grinnell, Ia.—Davenport, Ia,, to Omaha, Neb.

Roosevelt National Highway (Midland Trail)—President, Wm. W. Armstrong, Rochester, N. Y.; Secretary. J. Y. McClintock, Rochester, N. Y.— Oyster Bay, N. Y., to Los Angeles, Cal.

Southeastern Idaho Good Roads Association—President, Theodore Turner, Pocatello; vice-president, George Hill, Rigby; treasurer, Ezra P. Monson. Franklin.

Southern Appalachian Good Roads Association—President, A. D. Williams. Morgantown, W. Va.

Southern California Highway Association—President, Jonathan S. Dodge, secretary A. E. Warmington, 1108 Chapman Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

Southern Commercial Congress—President, Hon. Duncan U. Fletcher; Managing Director, Clarence J. Owens. Southern building, Washington. D. C.

Southern National Highway—President. Dell M. Potter, Clifton, Ariz.; Secretary, D. Rodney, Clifton, Ariz.—Washington, D. C., to San Diego, Cal.

Southside Virginia State Highway Association—President, T. Freeman Epes, Blackstone, Va.; Vice-President, W. B. Davidson; Secretary-Treasurer. Bradley T. Johnson, Farmville, Va.

Southwest Trail—President. C. M. McFatridge: Secretary. A. G. Hawn, Moravia, Ia.—Chicago, Ill., to Kansas City, Mo.

Texas-New Mexico-Mountain Highway— J. W. Corn. Tucumcari, N. M.–Amarillo, Tex., to Las Vegas. N. M.

Theodore Roosevelt International Highway—President. E. J. Filiatrault; General Manager, A. W. Tracy, care Duluth Commercial Club. Duluth, Minn.—Portland, Me., to Portland, Ore.

The Yellowstone Trail, Inc.—President. H. B. Wiley; secretary-treasurer, J. A. Hillestad, 916 Andrus building, Minneapolis.

Tri-State Good Roads Association—President, J. A. Westerlund, Medford, Ore.; Secretary, George E. Boos, Medford, Ore.

Twin City, Black Hills and Yellowstone Highway—President, J. W. Daugherty; Secretary, O. C. Turner, Watertown, S. D.

United States Good Roads Association—Secretary, J. A. Rountree, Brown-Marx building, Birmingham, Ala.

Utah-Idaho-Yellowstone Highway Association—President, Mark Austin, Rexburg, Ida.; secretary and treasurer. M. B. Yeaman, Idaho Falls, Ida.

White Mountains Branch-Bankhead Highway—Secretary, Dr. S. M. Johnson, Ruldoso. N. M.—Sweetwater, Tex., to El Paso, Tex., via Roswell, N. M.

Wilmington-Charlotte-Asheville Highway Association—President, T. L. Kirkpatrick. Charlotte, N. C.; Secretary-Treasurer, W. C. Wilkinson, Charlotte; Corresponding Secretary, W. R. Lemmonds, Monroe, N. C.

Yellowstone Trail Association—President, Ray Smith, Milwaukee, Wis; General Manager, H. O. Cooley; Secretary, B. R. Mandel; general offices, 337-339 Andrus building, Minneapolis, Minn.

Yellowstone Highway—President, L. L. Newton: Secretary, Gus Holms, Cody, Wyo.—Denver, Colo., to Yellowstone National Park.


Canadian Good Roads Association—President, E. M. Desaulniers, Montreal, Que.; Secretary-Treasurer, Geo. A. McNamee, 909 New Birks Bldg., Montreal, Que.

Canadian Good Roads Congress—Honorary President, A. W. Campbell, Dominion Highways Commissioner; President, S. L. Squire (re-elected); First Vice-President, A. F. Macallum, Commissioner of Works, Ottawa; Second Vice-President, Dr. E. M. Desaulniers. M. L. A., St. Lambert, Que.; Secretary-Treasurer. George A. McNamee, Montreal.

Eastern Ontario Good Roads Association—President, William Findlay, Ottawa; secretary-treasurer, W. Y. Denison, 20_ Laurier avenue, W., Ottawa.

Sault Ste. Marie Good Roads Association—President, John Ryan; secretary-treasurer, L. L. Jacobs.

Victoria & Island Development Association, Victoria, B. C.—President, J. C Pendray; Vice-President, W. H. P. Sweeney: Secretary, W. A. McAdam.


Bankhead Highway / Bankhead Highway military motor convoy itinerary
« on: February 14, 2010, 12:26:48 AM »
Well, here are some things I've found to now:

Washington — June 14, 1920   Departure from the Zero Milestone
Sources: FHWA
Thomas L. Karnes. Asphalt and politics: a history of the American highway system. 2009. Page 76.

Ashland, VA —      Source: Karnes, 77.

Richmond, VA — (June 15, 1920)      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Oxford, NC —      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Raleigh, NC —      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Greensboro, NC —      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Charlotte, NC —         Source: Karnes, ibid.

Blacksburg, SC —      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Athens, GA — June 28, 1920       Source: Karnes, ibid.

Atlanta — June 30, 1920 (two days + 3 days due to rain)         Source: FHWA

Birmingham, AL —    Source: Karnes, ibid.

Oxford, MS —   Source: Karnes, ibid.

Memphis —      Source: FHWA; Karnes, 78.

Detour through Helena due to flooding of the Mississippi between Memphis and Little Rock.      Source: FHWA
Note: This would have followed the Mississippi River Scenic Highway auto trail (Old US 61) to Dundee, TN, then across the ferry to Helena. The 1925 Rand McNally auto trail map shows the road curving north then south to the ferry, which was still a bit north of Dundee. The logical road for this would be Dundee Road, both because if its name and its shape. The crossing was likely at a place called Trotter Landing.

Brinkley, AR —        Source: Karnes, ibid.

Ferrying across the White River in Arkansas — July 27, 1920
Sources: FHWA; Karnes, ibid.

Detour to avoid road construction between Arkadelphia and Fulton.   Source: FHWA

Texarkana, TX — August 7, 1920      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Paris, TX —      Source: Karnes, 79.

Bonham, TX —        Source: Karnes, ibid.

Dallas — August 14, 1920       Source: Dallas, The Times Herald

Fort Worth — depart on August 16, 1920      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Mineral Wells, TX — arrived on August 16, 1920   Source: Karnes, ibid.

Abilene, TX — August 20, 1920      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Trent, TX — delays on the way to Sweetwater due to rain and flooding.

Sweetwater, TX — August 24, 1920   Source: FHWA; Source: Karnes, ibid.

San Angelo, TX — August 25, 1920   Source: Karnes, ibid.
Note: The convoy bypassed the Bankhead route between Sweetwater and Pecos.

Fort Stockton, TX —      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Pecos, TX —       Source: Karnes, ibid.

El Paso, TX — Arrived September 8 and departed September 11, 1920   Source: Karnes, ibid.

Lordsburg, NM — September 13, 1920      Source: Karnes, ibid. (has August 13)

Silver Creek, AZ (east of Douglas) —    Source: Karnes, ibid.

Douglas, AZ —      Source: Karnes, ibid.

Tucson — September 18, 1920    Source: FHWA; Karnes, ibid.
Note: Scouts determined the Gila River crossings at Florence and near Buckeye were too sandy to cross, so Phoenix was skipped.

Ajo, AZ —    Source: FHWA; Source: Karnes, 80.
Note: The Ajo route is not usually on maps of the Bankhead Highway, but the earliest Automobile Club map set I have for Arizona shows the maps: Yuma-Stovall, Stovall-Ajo, Ajo-(Comobabi), (Comobabi)-Tucson.

Sentinal, AZ — encountered heavy sand on the way to Wellton.      Source: FHWA; Source: Karnes, ibid.

Wellton, AZ —       Source: FHWA

Yuma, AZ — September 26, 1920    Source: FHWA; Karnes, ibid.

San Diego — Arrived on October 2, 1920, , Depart October 4, 1920      Source: FHWA

San Diego Union:
Headed by the car occupied by Colonel Fletcher, Major Franklin and J. A. Rountree, secretary of the Bankhead Highway Commission and field director of the convoy, the procession wound slowly down into the city.
At Fourth and Walnut*, the convoy was met by motorized detachments representing the navy activities here, the army stations of Fort Rosecrans and Rockwell Field, and two naval bands . . . . The convoy went into camp in the park, north of the exposition buildings, and as the men turned out for "Assembly," Colonel Fletcher, introduced by the commanding officer, made what one dusty truck driver termed "the best speech of the whole trip."
Colonel Fletcher's speech was not oratory, nor intended as such. Simply and directly, he told the officers and men of San Diego's welcoming spirit and invited them to take part in the celebration planned in their honor. Applause such as only a crowd of army men can give greeted him as he told the men of the chicken dinner to which the American Legion last night invited them, of today's "launch ride" about the bay in a navy destroyer, of the free bathing privileges of the Service plunge and the auto ride about the city, planned for the enlisted men.

* There’s a weird jog on 4th right at Walnut. I always wondered why it was there if 4th was the main road into downtown.

Whittier, CA — October 5, 1920    Source: Karnes, ibid.

Los Angeles, CA — October 5, 1920        Source: FHWA

San Francisco, CA — October 13, 1920      Source: FHWA

Bankhead Highway / Bankhead Highway entry from the 1921 History of Alabama
« on: February 13, 2010, 07:41:49 PM »
The Bankhead Highway entry from the 1921 book History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography by Thomas McAdory Owen is now on the Auto Trail Articles page.


National Park to Park Highway / A.G. Lucier photos
« on: February 08, 2010, 04:43:10 PM »
I just received a set of the A.G. Lucier photos taken in 1926 of Shoshone Dam and the Cody Road (Ebay purchase). They're small, but clear and should scan well. The set is still in the original envelope which I believe dates between 1933 and 1935 as it shows the NRA eagle logo. Many images show the Cody Road into Yellowstone which was part of the National Park-to-Park Highway.
Until I get them on the site, you can see a few of them on the Cody Road website (Pictures 1, 2, and 5 are part of my set).

I've posted a short article on the Bankhead Highway military motorcade from the November 1920 American Motorist magazine.

Army Train Makes 30 Miles a Day

Bankhead Highway / Bankhead Highway across America!
« on: February 01, 2010, 10:45:57 AM »
Welcome to the Bankhead Highway board. Feel free to start particular topics related to the Bankhead Highway. You can also post maps, photos, or links of your travels down the road. It would be appropriate to start new threads for tracing the route through various states and cities.

Make sure and check out the Bankhead Highway section on the web site.

The Bankhead Highway was one of the earlier transcontinental auto trails, dating to around 1919-1920. In 1920, the year of Senator Bankhead's death, an army military convoy traveled from Washington to San Diego. The soldiers and officers enjoyed parties at the end of their long journey in San Diego's Balboa Park.

39 Web Site / New forum board - The Bankhead Highway
« on: February 01, 2010, 09:52:55 AM »
Since there are possible plans for a 2012 convoy along the Bankhead Highway, I've added a forum board for discussions of that road.

Off Topic / Test post
« on: February 01, 2010, 12:17:00 AM »
Test of reply.

National Old Trails Road / 1915 Travel magazine article on the NOTR
« on: January 22, 2010, 11:51:59 PM »
Now posted is a reprinted article on the National Old Trails Road from Travel magazine, May 1915.
The photos are excellent, but the article rambles a bit. It does give a glimpse of how the president of the National Highways Association was trying to encourage American tourism in a new century.
The National Old Trails Road: Perpetuating the Historic Highways of America's Pioneers

Highway 80 / Route US 80 Cafe & Grill... in Turkey!
« on: January 15, 2010, 07:48:35 PM »
I couldn't believe this when I found it on Facebook. Of course I became a member.
Route US 80 Cafe & Grill

Highway 90 / Virtual road trips and photo galleries for US 90 (OST)
« on: December 12, 2009, 08:01:46 PM »
The virtual roads trips and photo galleries for the Old Spanish Trail in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi are now on the photos page. Much of the Old Spanish Trail became US 90 in these states, so the two roads have become synonymous in the Gulf States.

Old Spanish Trail / OST Photo galleries and virtual road trips
« on: December 12, 2009, 07:47:41 PM »
The virtual roads trips and photo galleries for the OST in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi are now on the photos page.

Other U.S. Highways / U.S. 17
« on: December 12, 2009, 07:37:45 PM »
The U.S. 17 virtual road trip and photo gallery are posted on the photo galley and virtual road trip page.

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