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Bankhead Highway Motorcade

Army Train Makes 30 Miles a Day

― from American Motorist, November 1920, page 28.


SEVENTY army trucks and automobiles which left Washington June 14 and crossed the continent over the Bankhead highway arrived in San Diego, Calif., the Pacific Coast terminus, on Sunday, October 2.

The Bankhead highway is about 3,450 miles long, which indicates that the average speed of the convoy was only about 30 miles for each of the 110 days consumed in making the trip. The original itinerary provided that the convoy would arrive at San Diego September 17, but this schedule could not be carried out, owing to delays due to bad road conditions and to weak bridges and culverts, many of which were broken down and had to be rebuilt before the convoy could proceed.

The motor vehicle and camping equipment used on this trip was delivered at Los Angeles, from which point it will be distributed for the use of the Pacific Coast department of the army. The twenty-two officers and 162 men who made the trip have collected data and gained experience which will be of incalculable benefit to the country.

The trip has also served to emphasize the urgent need for a national system of roads over which troops could be moved in motor trucks at a greater speed than 30 miles per day.


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