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2009 Summer Trip Day 6 and some photos


I traveled a good distance today, about 400 miles, all on 2 lane US highways. I'm now on US 63 in the Cozy Country Inn in Montezuma, Iowa. I drove through northern Kansas, across Nebraska, cut through Missouri, and into Iowa.

In the morning I visited the Home on the Range cabin, and the center point of the 48 states. After visiting the cabin I returned to Kansas Hwy 8 and a deer ran across in front of me. I guess they're still playing in that area. I also saw a turkey walking around. The previous day I had seen pronhorn antelope.


Cimarronosaurus (actually an Apatosaur) at the Western Heritage Center, Boise City, OK. Boise is pronounced "boyce" and rhymes with Royce.

One of only two European style windmills in Kansas. This is in Smith Center. I went to a park to eat breakfast (cereal) and found this. You never know what you'll find on a road trip if you explore.

Dr. Brewster Higley's cabin where he wrote My Western Home (Home on the Range).

Another view of the cabin.

Geographic center of the continental USA


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