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Auto Trail National Headquarters


I've been looking into finding the national headquarters for the various auto trail associations, and I'm posting my initial findings below:

Dixie Highway - Chattanooga, Tennessee (Patten Hotel)
Dixie Overland Highway - Columbus, Georgia
Florida Short Route - Columbus, Georgia
Lincoln Highway - Detroit, Michigan
National Old Trails Road - Kansas City, Missouri
National Park-to-Park Highway - Cody, Wyoming
National Parks Highway - Spokane, Washington
Ocean-to-Ocean Highway - Redlands, California
Old Spanish Trail - San Antonio, Texas
Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway - Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Victory Highway - Topeka, Kansas
Yellowstone Highway - Douglas, Wyoming; Cody, Wyoming
Yellowstone Trail - Minneapolis, Minnesota


Another for the list:

Custer Battlefield Highway - Mitchell, South Dakota

Cannon Ball Trail - Leon, IA
River Road Association - Des Moines, IA
Rocky Mountain Highway Association - Denver, CO
The Sunflower Trail - Beloit, KS


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