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Any subject that would be of interest to everone interested in America's old auto trails would fit here. U.S. auto trails flourished during the dawn of the automobile era. Most auto trail associations were active between 1910 and 1930. Also, if you are from another nation, and would like to relate the history of roads in your country for the early 20th century period, it would be great to see that here, too.


I like this map and site about Ohio covered bridges at  It's good for vicarious travel, too.


Thanks for the link. I like covered bridges... actually, I'm a physics teacher, so I like bridges in general. Every year I have my kids make truss bridges out of 7.5 inch coffee stirring sticks. Last year a team made one that held over 100 pounds and ultimately bent the metal support it was sitting on. The things only weigh a few grams. It's pretty amazing how strong a wooden bridge can be.



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