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Internet explorer weirdness


Evidently if you are using certain versions of Internet Explorer on certain operating systems, there is a problem with the page length and scrolling on the site. This is not a fault with the CSS on the site. It's a software glitch in IE. I already have over half a dozen hacks in my code to accomodate Internet Explorer. All other browsers such as Firefox, Netscape, Safari, etc. seem to view things fine. Internet Explorer 7 has been reported to fix the problem.


Bill K:
I understand that IE 7.0 does have some compatibility problems at this time. 

Where I work we received and email from out Techies not to download this new version. 

I hate to dis Microsoft (well not really  ;D ), but I really encourage people to look at other browsers like Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, etc.

As a CSS site person, I found this quirksmode web page interesting.


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