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1937 Arizona State Highway Maps for 66


The following are the sheets for the 1937 Arizona state general highway and transportation maps. I'll present them east to west along Route 66 from the New Mexico to the California line. There are often separate map sheets showing the smaller towns, and I'll include the ones that show Route 66 towns.

These are all very large maps that may take a while to load.

Map legend

1. Apache County map 4.
2. Apache County map 5.
— Apache County towns, including Lupton, Navajo, and Sanders.
3. Navajo County map 5.
— Navajo County towns including Winslow, Holbrook, and Joseph City.
4. Coconino County map 12.
5. Coconino County map 11.
6. Coconino County map 10.
7. Yavapai County map 1.
— Yavapai County towns including Seligman and Ashfork.
8. Coconino County map 8.
9. Mohave County map 8.
10. Mohave County map 9.
11. Mohave County map 10.
12. Mohave County map 11.
— Mohave County towns including Peach Springs, Kingman, Goldroad, and Oatman.


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