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jeff s:
Am going to an appraisel show today at a local historical sociaty. 20 bucks per appraisel. Hope to get authentication on lothographs and maybe some kind of value before spending big bucks on restoration. Will keep you posted on progress.

I spent the money to get supplies to restore my own maps. Both white and transparent archival tape, etc. It works for me as it makes them usable and serviceable. Surely, the maps are worth something, but most collectors seems to go for oil company maps and official state maps. I've seen Rand McNally auto trail maps go for 5 times higher price just because the sponsor was an oil company like Standard Oil instead of say a flour company... same map though.

jeff s:
Our home was built around 1900. One of the former owners was an early Ford dealer. This is most likely the source of the maps. The appraiser said that they are original lithographs with a value of $50 to $60 each.

That sounds like a fair assessment. However, value in this case also depends on the nostalgia value of the map in question. You might get a lot more for the Lincoln Highway map than the other for instance.

In terms of road trips, the most interesting to me is the National Park to Park Highway. I did an exploratory trip along the California and Oregon section of that highway the summer before last. It was quite fun, and I was able to camp for free or for a few dollars in many areas due to all the public lands I was traveling through.


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