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Open Street Map and Auto Trail Routing


Am I the only person using OSM for routing auto trails?

Who makes Open Street Map? I've been using Garmin's mapping software to create waypoints and routes, but generally just use old maps, online satellite maps, and my GPS to find my way around. In the past, I have done live tracking on USGS topographic maps using software like MacGPS Pro.

OpenStreetMap is the largest crowd sourced map in the world. I could go on and on about it, but it's best to hear it from them:

I looked at it. It seems to be a modern map.... I don't see how a former pre-1926 auto trail fits in with this project. I plan on making guides for many of the auto trails in future. Right now, I'm trying to build data sources to give me a complete picture of all the auto trails. I'm also an editor on Wikipedia for the auto trails task force of the U.S. Roads WikiProject. Lots of irons in the fire.


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