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This thread will cover all alignments of the roads between Barstow and Needles, California. This route was not used as the National Old Trails Road transcontinental highway until the national NOTR convention in Kansas City, April 29, 1913. In November 1926, this road became U.S. numbered highway 66 (Route 66). I'll try to place notes for each map underneath the map, covering them section by section. I'll be adding topographic map sections, aerial images and annotated maps in addition to the auto club maps. All maps shown are for academic discussion regarding disused auto trails and highways. Their use is purely educational.

From an article in the 1912 Touring Topics included a map #92 and #93. They have a 1912 copyright notice, a practice which ended in 1918. These are the oldest maps I've found for the route. This Notes follow the image. Only the top of map #92 is shown for this section.

Map #92.

Map #93.

This next two maps are from a tour book produced by the Arizona Good Roads Association in 1913. It was reprinted by Arizona Highways in 1987. All the maps in the guide show Arizona roads, but fortunately the entire route from Needles to Los Angeles is shown. Perhaps this was due to influence from the Santa Fe-Needles-Grand Canyon National Highway Association which formed at about this time.

Map for Victorville to Ludlow.

This map is from the same 1913 Arizona tour book.

Ludlow to Needles.

Next are a series of the first National Old Trails Road maps from 1915, produced by the Automobile Club of Southern California. The small circles represent the NOTR signs placed along the highway, mostly at turns and forks. These are posted as links since they are too wide for the forum window.

Map 5 (#225), Barstow to Ludlow.


Map 6 (#226), Ludlow to Danby.


Map 7 (#227), Danby to Needles.



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