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Title: Georgia US 80 Notes
Post by: Parsa on June 16, 2007, 06:36:26 PM
I'm not sure if anyone will be able to follow this, but I'm posting my research notes on US 80 in the state of Georgia. As I aquire better maps of the area, I will be able to refine these.

US 80 Notes for Georgia

In Savannah: US 80 probably took Old Louisville Rd on the west side of town.
Stilson: Likely on Stilson Rd. Brick?
Railroad Bed Rd and Railroad street are very old railway berm, not 80.
Possible sharp bend on Joiner and Old Leefield Roads.
Statesboro: Possible track is Savannah Ave, E. Main St., N. Main or Blitch St to Parrish St. then NW.
Hopeulikit: original curve.
East of Twin City: Likely on faint trace of Old Statesboro Rd. then across on Broads Strren, and west on Old Swainsboro Road. A diagonal road appears to connect Old Swainsboro Rd with US 80.
Eagle Ave loop may be an old alignment.
Possible very old track through Norristown. A road connects Keas Old Mill Pond Road with 80.
East-west tracks on each side of Adrian are old railroad grades.
Ralph Wood Rd west of Dublin is a likely loop.
Old Macon Rd toward Jeffersonville may be old path, but the Dixie Overland did not go this way.
Haskins Crossing west of Dudley is split off of Dixie Overland to Cochran and Hawkinsville (GA 26).
Montrose: Old alignment may be on 3rd then along Montrose Allentown Rd. and into Danville.
Dry Branch: East of tracks the road curved with the RR tracks and crossed at a curving angle (see topo map).
Jeffersonville Rd is the likely old road into Macon. It is continuous with Main St.
Macon (Ft. Hawkins): Main St was likely 80 all the way along its length to the river crossing.
Macon: Original likely jog on Walnut to Broadway. 80 is now Martin Luther King Jr. Oldest road west of town was probably Montpelier, Columbus Rd, Mercer University Dr. (GA 74) and Columbus Rd. A diagonal once existed where Columbus Rd meets 80.
West of Lizella: Winding Columbus Rd was the original.
Geneva: original curve rather than right angle. See topo. For eastbound drivers used Magnolia St.
West of Geneva: several old alignments straightened when larger road built.
Old alignment west of Geneva school
Sharper curve at South Fork river (see topo).
Sharper curve at Rockmore Creek.
Sharper curve at Mt. Pilgrim Church on Old Macon Rd..
Faint curve at Baker Creek (see topo)
Curve (N side) at Crossroads school on Upatoi Lane.
Upatoi: Upatoi Lane is original 80 (see topo).
Chatsworth Road may possibly be an older alignment, but 80 (Macon Rd.) follows tracks. However, an old diagonal is visible in aerials merging into old 80 on Macon Rd.
Macon Rd (GA-22) was original alignment rather than Beaver Run Rd.
Where Chatsworth Rd merges, the topo indicates a purple realognment of GA-22. It looks like a trace exists farther north of the current road running straight through the trees.
Old Macon Rd east of Parkhill Cemetery seems to be a likely old alignment.
Macon Rd becomes Wynnton Rd. GA-22 turns onto Buena Vista/13th Ave, then turns west on 13th St.
The 13th street bridge is not on the topo, and the road west of the river is a purple realignment, so old 80 likely crossed on the 14th street bridge (stone c.1914, truss c.1909), which is smaller. 13th and 14th merge to become Crawford Rd which is old 80. A 1919 Blue Book map shows Macon rd becoming 10th street and a bridge on 10th. There is a structure there, but no sign of a road on the other side. There is a small old bridge at Dillingham St one block south however. A bridge at Dillingham, built by John Godwin and Horace King (the second one they build here), was burned by a Confederate general to prevent Ohio forces from crossing. One Columbus bridge was build by famous black bridge engineer Horace King. Old postcards show a truss bridge at 14th in 1909 and stone/concrete bridges on 14th and Dillingham in 1912.
Chatahoochee River and Alabama Line.