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The San Diego-Yuma Highway Association.

― from Touring Topics, January 1912, page 13.


A new association that intends to labor for good roads in San Diego county is the San Diego-Yuma Highway Association, formed to further the construction of the San Diego county boulevard system to the Imperial County line between San Diego and Yuma.
San Diego sent a delegation to Phoenix to the meeting of the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Association and it formed the nucleus of the new association on the return trip to San Diego.
This association proposes to secure the construction of a highway from San Diego directly east to Yuma. The San Diego county highway fund contains about $200,000 available for the purpose and the association, with this fund as a starter, will interest every person along the route of the proposed highway and all the business interests of the county and of Imperial Valley. Imperial Valley has a similar organization and the two will work together to the same end, the construction of an adequate highway from the Colorado River to tidewater at San Diego.
Auto tourists are beginning to arrive in San Diego in large numbers. Many of them ship their cars to Los Angeles and tour down the coast; many others ship straight to San Diego and large numbers have toured west from Colorado and south from Oregon and Washington. The streets and roads are filled with cars of all descriptions and sizes, but there is a noticeable increase in the number of high-priced and large cars this year over last.
One of the finest trips in the county is that through the grounds of the Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park, where gangs of graders and carpenters are busy with the approaches to the big bridge to be built across Cabrillo CaƱon and the Administration building of the exposition. The exposition nursery is also a place of interest open to all who are interested in horticulture and floriculture. The hot house is full of flowering plants and the lath house, which now covers over an acre, is fast becoming one of the sights of Southern California.
It is probable that a decision will be reached by the exposition directors at the next meeting on the proposal of Los Angeles automobile men to construct a huge motordrome in the exposition grounds. The directors meet early in January and if the proposal is ready for presentation at that time it will probably be given consideration, with many other things that are now awaiting decision.



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