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― from Popular Mechanics, June 1921, page 880.


A finished Lincoln Highway, spanning the continent from coast to coast with a ribbon of solid concrete, would be an accomplished fact in another year if all the states traversed by it would invest in it the time, money, and effort, in proportion to their population, expended by Wyoming during 1920. Though thinly populated and having 425 miles of the highway as its quota, Wyoming has spent without stint, though wisely, to such good purpose that all but about 40 miles of this distance has been surfaced with a boulevardlike coat of finely crushed granite, 16 ft. wide and 5 in. thick. The year 1920 saw 237.5 miles of this roadbed finished at a cost of about $3,000 per mile. The low figure is accounted for by the facts that the material is plentiful along the whole route, and that for several miles the old roadbed of the Union Pacific Railroad has been utilized. Funds from a $2,800,000 good-roads bond issue of 1918, supplemented by Federal aid and Lincoln Highway Association contributions, plus plenty of work and determination, have placed Wyoming in the front rank of accomplishment in this highly meritorious undertaking. A slogan, expressive of the statewide sentiment, is “The Lincoln Highway First.”


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