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Three A’s Is Receiving Many Route Inquiries—Some New Scenic Beauties Along the Way to the Pacific.

― from The New York Times, March 7 1915.


American Automobile Association clubs throughout the country are making extensive preparations for what promises to be the liveliest touring season since the introduction of the self-propelled vehicle. In New York City and Washington, D. C., the volume of inquiries has been astounding, according to Chairman F. X. Mudd of the A. A. A. Touring Board.
Both the Northwest and the Southwest intend to have their share of the substantial interstate travel which will be accelerated by the Panama-Pacific Exposition, and while the Lincoln Highway will be a busy thoroughfare it will not have a motor car monopoly. The Automobile Club of Seattle has started a campaign for the Northwest Trail, and is coupling with it a combination of the Lincoln Highway which will take the cross-country traveler from Cheyenne diagonally across Wyoming, touching and possibly entering Yellowstone Park—if road construction now in progress is completed—and continuing across Montana, with a side trip to Glacier National Park, made possible by the road constructed by the Flathead Motor Club of Kalispell; then through Washington by way of the Snoqualmie Pass into Seattle.

Northwest Trail Map

Westgard's Northwest Trail eventually became U.S. 10 west of Minneapolis. From Miles City, Montana westward, it was identical to the Yellowstone Trail route which had already been organized.


Journeying southward over the Pacific Highway, there will be opportunity to drive in Rainier National Park, and in Oregon to visit Crater Lake National Park, besides taking a look at the famous Columbia River Highway, which begins at Portland. The Yosemite Valley Park is now available to motor cars, and it is within easy distance of San Francisco, where the California State Automobile Association headquarters within the grounds will be prepared to help all touring motorists.

Overland Trail Map

Westgard's Overland Trail is basically identical to the 1913 route of the Lincoln Highway from Illinois to California.


The Automobile Club of Southern California, with headquarters in Los Angeles, has given its particular attention to the National Old Trails route, which it has sign-posted all the way to Kansas City, Mo. For those who start early in the year this route will appeal, and it will also command the attention of those who return late in the Fall. A percentage of these will also make the side trip to the Grand Cañon, drop down to Phoenix, and then follow the route of the All-Southern National Highway across Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia to Washington, D. C.

Midland Trail Map

The Midland Trail shown on this map follows the National Old Trails Road to Kansas City, then follows the route of the later Roosevelt Midland Trail to Los Angeles.


Colorado doesn't intend to be overlooked, and the large number of road travelers which the State entertained last year has accelerated its mountain road building until much can be offered to motorists. When a Colorado delegation, headed by Gov. Carlson and former Gov. Ammons, recently urged Congress to act favorably on the bill to create a Rocky Mountain National Park out of 360 square miles of forest reserve in that State the keynote of the plea was “to turn back the tide of tourist travel to Europe and direct it to the beauty-spots of America.” Congress acted favorably upon the request.

Trail to Sunset Map

The Trail to Sunset as seen here follows the White 7 Way to Omaha. Then it heads south along the King of Trails, evidently the core section of that road. From Kansas City to Santa Fe, it follows the Santa Fe Trail section of the National Old Trails Road. Farther west, several trails are shown. The earliest was his route through Fort Apache to Phoenix, and then along the Borderland Route to southern California. The later Santa Fe-Needles-Grand Canyon National Highway route was adopted as the National Old Trails Road in 1914.



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