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Seven Cars to Start from Los Angeles for Phoenix, Arizona.

― from The New York Times, November 8 1908.


LOS ANGELES, Cal.. Nov. 7.—Seven cars have been entered for one of the most notable road races ever held in the country—the desert race from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona, which starts to-night at midnight. The drivers of the cars will have to endure considerable hardship in the 500 miles, approximately, of the course. Each man will have been over the route with his car in order to acquaint himself with the wastes of sand through which he will have to pass. It has taken all the drivers who have made the preliminary trip from three to five days.
In spots the sand is so deep as to be almost impassable, and luck will be a large element in the race. The best drivers on the coast are entered. A. J. Smith will drive his Elmore Bulldog, with which he has just completed the trip in five days. He spent a good deal of time on the road studying conditions so as to be ready for any emergency. F. C. Fenner, after an experience in his White steamer in desert driving that taxed his skill and ingenuity to the utmost, is enthusiastic over the run. R. J. Leavitt will drive a Locomobile. George Adair will also drive a White steamer. Leon T. Shettler and Bert Latham have entered Kisselkars, and H. D. Ruys has entered a White.
When the cars reach Phoenix there will be a series of track events under the auspices of the Maricopa Automobile Club.


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