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Enthusiastic Over Dixie Highway

― from Horseless Age, March 17 1915.


Formal launching of the Dixie Highway, a stretch of good roads with which it is proposed to connect the north and south, will take place at a Dixie Highway meeting and conference of governors of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee Georgia and Florida, which will be held in Chattanooga, Tenn., on April 3. This is expected to develop into one of the most important highway gatherings in recent years, men prominent in varied occupations throughout the country having already expressed their intention of being present and working for the consummation of the plans for a through connected highway from Chicago to Miami.
Already determined bidding has been started by counties for consideration in the routing of the highway. Fentress County, located in the remote mountain section of Tennessee, through its county officials, pledged itself to issue $165,000 worth of bonds for the purpose of building thirty miles of road. These officials brought with them to Chattanooga a delegation from adjoining counties, as proof that these counties would also do their work. Dade County, Florida, has called an election to vote on a bond issue to surface their strength of sixty miles of the Dixie Highway between Miami and Palm Beach with asphalt.


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