West to east. San Diego to Viejas Casino.

CAE001      N 32 42.68', W 117 10.26'
Harbor Dr and Pacific Hwy. Terminus of US 80 from 1943 to 1953. Pacific Hwy was US 101.

CAE002      N 32 42.67', W 117 10.10'
Harbor Dr and Market St. Turn L.

CAE003      N 32 42.69', W 117 10.04'
Columbia St. US 80 (and Market St.) once continued straight west from here. Continue east on Market St.

CAE004      N 32 42.69', W 117 9.23'
Park Blvd and Market St. Terminus of US Highway 80 from the early 30s to 1943 when the road was extended west to Pacific Ave (later Pacific Hwy). Turn L.

CAE005      N 32 42.95', W 117 9.23'
Broadway and Park Blvd. Probable terminus of US 80 at US 101 when it went down Broadway in the early 30s.

CAE006      N 32 43.01', W 117 9.23'
"C" St. Park Blvd becomes two way, continue N.

CAE007      N 32 43.16', W 117 9.23'
US 80 enters Balboa Park area near San Diego High School.

CAE008      N 32 43.45', W 117 9.07'
Cross over I-5.

CAE009      N 32 44.47', W 117 8.85'
Upas St. US 80 leaves Balboa Park.

CAE010      N 32 44.90', W 117 8.78'
University Ave. The early auto trail alignment went east and west on University. This was US 80 for a short time in the late 1920s. Later US 80 (1930 to 1948) continues north.

CAE011      N 32 45.31', W 117 8.77'
Intersection of El Cajon Blvd with Park Blvd and Normal St.
Turn right (east) to follow historic 80. In 1948, 80 went into downtown via Normal to Washington and the Cabrillo Freeway (current Hwy 163).

CAE012      N 32 45.31', W 117 8.69'
The Boulevard sign.

CAE013      N 32 45.31', W 117 8.44'
Lafayette Hotel, popular with celebrities in the 1950s. The Red Fox Room Restaurant is also here.

CAE014      N 32 45.31', W 117 7.50'
Pass over I-805.

CAE015      N 32 45.31', W 117 7.08'
35th St. In the mid and late 1920s the main early route north to Escondido lead through the canyon that I-15 currently follows. The road went north on 35th (or possible north on Wilson, with an immediate jog west on Meade to 35th). It then followed Madison Ave east to Ward Rd. Although now a short street, the road N down the canyon was once called Ward Rd. This was the road past Mission San Diego, and intersected the inland route (later US 395) in the Miramar area.

CAE016      N 32 45.31', W 117 6.05'
Fairmount Ave. Here US 395 joined with US 80 from about 1934 to 1948 (when the Cabrillo Freeway, current CA Hwy 163, was built). During this period the route west and south down Park Blvd was cosigned 80 and 395. A 1935 California-Pacific International Expostion map shows this signage, and a 1934 state highway road description details this route.

CAE017      N 32 45.36', W 117 5.53'
Euclid Ave. The original state route went south from here to University Ave, and on into downtown on 4th. The auto trails definitely followed this path. US 80 may have followed this path for a short time in the late 1920s. By 1930, US 80 definitely followed El Cajon Blvd west.

CAE018      N 32 46.03', W 117 3.39'
Amherst St (on R) and 67 St were a loop of 1920s US 80.

CAE019      N 32 46.10', W 117 3.22'
The east end of the old US 80 loop on 67th St. Montezuma Rd merges with El Cajon Blvd on the left. Continue east on El Cajon.

CAE020      N 32 46.10', W 117 1.81'
Turn R onto La Mesa Blvd for the main route on pre-1937 US 80. This takes you through downtown La Mesa. For post-1937 US 80, continue straight on El Cajon Blvd and enter I-8. Exit again at El Cajon Blvd in El Cajon.

CAE021      N 32 45.89', W 117 1.58'
University Ave. Continue SE on La Mesa Blvd.

CAE022      N 32 45.86', W 117 1.21'
La Mesa Blvd crosses the trolley tracks and Spring St.

CAE023      N 32 45.91', W 117 1.10'
La Mesa.

CAE024      N 32 46.10', W 117 0.88'
University rejoins La Mesa Blvd. Continue E.

CAE025      N 32 46.60', W 117 0.25'
Enter I-8. Early US 80 was replaced by an expressway here in 1939. Exit in one mile on El Cajon Blvd, the next freeway exit.

CAE026      N 32 46.79', W 116 58.99'
Exit I-8 onto El Cajon Blvd (former San Diego Ave). Continue N.

CAE027      N 32 47.69', W 116 58.03'
Curve east onto Main St.

CAE028      N 32 47.70', W 116 57.73'
El Cajon. Jct. Magnolia Ave.

CAE029      N 32 47.73', W 116 56.14'
Jct. 2nd St (L) and Jamacha Rd. (R). 1920s era US 80 turned L (north) here into Bostonia, then turned R (east) on Broadway. For the main route of US 80 continue straight on Main St, curving NE.

CAE030       N 32 48.19', W 116 55.65'
Pass under the I-8.

CAE031      N 32 48.46', W 116 55.33'
Jct. Broadway. Early US 80 rejoins the main route.
Continue NE.

CAE032      N 32 49.398', W 116 54.808'
The narrow, concrete roadbed of early US 80 is on the L beginning at the entrance to Rancho Valley Mobile Home Park and heading SW. A sharper curve once existed here.

CAE033      N 32 49.494', W 116 54.730'
Early US80 followed Aurora Dr. (on R) in the 1920s. Continue straight.

CAE034      N 32 49.94', W 116 54.33'
Glenview. Jct Los Coches Rd. Early 1920s US 80 merged in just ahead on the R.

CAE035      N 32 50.294', W 116 53.792'
Early concrete alignment (on R) through Montijo Wood Arts behind A-1 storage facility.

CAE036      N 32 50.78', W 116 52.96'
Turn R on Lake Jennings Park Rd, and cross I-8.

CAE037      N 32 50.61', W 116 52.86'
Turn L on Olde Hwy 80.

CAE038      N 32 50.857', W 116 51.914'
Narrow, concrete 1920s era roadbed in Flinn Springs Mobile Home Park.

CAE039      N 32 50.979', W 116 51.552'
Mary Ettas Cafe. The cafe is at an angle that was parallel to the original 1920s US 80. The road looped through Flinn Springs County Park.

CAE040      N 32 51.02', W 116 51.51'
Flinn Springs. Labrador Lane on L was early US 80.

CAE041      N 32 51.21', W 116 51.23'
Cross north under the freeway.

CAE042      N 32 51.49', W 116 49.17'
Turn R onto Dunbar Lane and cross under I-8.

CAE043      N 32 51.38', W 116 49.17'
Turn L onto Alpine Blvd. Continue E.

CAE044      N 32 51.24', W 116 48.73'
Long, old concrete alignment section on R. Access to this old section is from this point. This is private property. The concrete road is covered by junk vehicles and construction equipment.

CAE045      N 32 51.11', W 116 48.64'
Junction of Arnold Way. Early, 1920s-era US 80 followed Arnold Way into Alpine. For main route continue straight.

CAE046      N 32 50.127', W 116 46.000'
Alpine. At this point Arnold Way merges back into Alpine Blvd. Continue E.

CAE047      N 32 49.96', W 116 43.88'
Turn L onto Willows Rd. Cross I-8.

CAE048      N 32 50.09', W 116 43.86'
Turn R (E) and stay on Willows Rd.

CAE049      N 32 50.10', W 116 43.37'
The Willows.

CAE050 N 32 50.24', W 116 43.09'
Jct Viejas Grade Rd. Early 1920s US 80 traveled for a short distance on this road, then turned east through the casino and its parking lot. A nice section of cement roadway exists off of Viejas Grade Rd just west of the casino parking lot.

CAE051      N 32 50.470', W 116 42.326'
Viejas Casino.