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Older wagon and emigrant trails

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ACSC Collector:
Speaking about old Butterfield stations along the old Emigrant route, One thing comes to mind is the old San Felipe station. I have been doing some research of this locality and know it is not to be confused with the newer San Felipe few miles further up the canyon. The original station was closer to Scissors Crossing either on or just a bit further NW of the intersection. This place was first settled back in the Mexican era and was well visited as a relief from the Anza Borrego desert. Unlike the more popular stations of Oak Grove, Warner's Ranch and Carrizo, this station seems to have very little written history about it and even more, any physical evidence of it's existence save the old maps that locate it. I do believe some Thomas Guides have it located but the accuracy is quite debatable.

You need to talk to Chris Wray about the station. He was involved in finding the real station location, as well as tracing the path of the trail across the desert.


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