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San Bernardino and the Cajon Pass

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This map is from the 1934 ACSC booklet entitled National Old Trails Road and U.S. Highway 66. Minor changes occur in the Cajon Pass. The old road to Hesperia is even less evident here.


Image of the original Verdemont railroad crossing. City 66 on Kendall is merging in from the east. US 66 crossed here and City or Alt US 66 ended.
The cement paving begins at N 34° 11.657', W 117° 22.280'


By 1941, this sharp grade crossing had been eliminated, and the current crossing had been built. This is from the 1941 Devore 1:31680 topographic map. Devore is also shown at the railroad junction.


Cajon Pass waypoints

Cajon Campground: N 34° 16.518', W 117° 27.159'
Cozy Dell: N 34° 16.751', W 117° 27.214'

I posted photos for the December 22nd field trip on the Photo Gallery and Virtual Road Trip page.

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