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Centre City Parkway Dual Bridges over Grove Creek in Escondido, CA


Near the Escondido High School, Centre City Parkway crosses over Grove Creek. 

According to this website, the dual bridges were built in 1964. 


However, the bridges are not identical.  The southbound two lane bridge appears to be 1964 construction.  The northbound two lane bridge appears to be constructed of rock.  It has a date painted on it stating it was constructed in 1947. 

When US Highway 395 was realigned in 1948, it traveled north from West Grant Ave (Mission Ave) on present day Centre City Parkway.  According to the topographic maps, the highway was a narrow two lane road heading north to the Riverside County line. 

Please let us know if you have any further information or history on the mixed construction of these two bridges over Grove Creek. 

The 1947 Grove Creek bridge on Centre City Parkway in Escondido, CA. This path became US 395 in 1949.

View from the median with the 1947 bridge on the right, and the 1964 bridge on the left.

Well, the bridge was likely the first thing they had to build to be ready for the highway construction. So when the contract work started in 1947, they built this bridge. Then the 2-lane road went over it and was opened to through traffic in 1949. Later in the 1960s, around the time they were putting in new bridges over Lake Hodges and such, they expanded US 395 to be 4 lanes with a dividing median. Note how the cement on the median curbs in the main part of town has recessed areas facing oncoming traffic. They would paint special reflective paint in those to act as reflectors.


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