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Crystal Canyon Springs


Recently, I came upon this entry in the newspaper.  I have never heard of Crystal Canyon Springs before.  Can someone tell me where this is located?   

Lake Elsinore Valley Press
Murrieta Gossip Column
May 25, 1923

George Lambert is spending some time at Crystal Canyon Springs on the Bonsall Vista road near Bonsall.  The water there is said to be good for many troubles. 

I get absolutely nothing for this on Google. I checked the current topo map, and I find no Crystal Canyon in the area. Of course it's probably just a fanciful name the developer created. I looked at the 1947 and 1901 topo maps, and again I see nothing about that canyon or even any springs shown. There are a lot of tributaries feeding into the San Luis Rey River, so it's likely off of one of the smaller ones. The older maps barely show any buildings at all between Vista and Bonsall, even in '47.


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