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I spent another day at the So Cal auto club archives in LA. Once again, Morgan Yates, the archivist, was very helpful. This time I focused on El Camino Real.

I photographed much of four books, mostly the ECR pages. They were: Hamilton's Illustrated Road Map — California Tour Book (1914); 1914-1914 Panoramic Automobile Road Map and Tourist Guide Book — Southern California; Automobile Club of Southern California Tour Book (1909); Automobile Club of Southern California Tour Book (1911). The latter two are fairly different from each other.
I also got copies of a few Touring Topics articles from the 1912-1918 period.
I got copies of some old strips maps I don't have, mostly from 1912-1914.
I did get a few other maps of the National Old Trails Road and the Borderland Route that I missed before. One set of note was the Needles to Seligman road from 1913, predating the 1915-era National Old Trails Road book.

If I have to go up there again someday I may take the train. 5-6 total hours on the freeway in the morning and afternoon is a drag.

ACSC Collector:
I tried to go to the ACSC Archives about a year ago but it never materialized. Now that I work near USC and I live in O.C., I would like to visit again. What is interesting about USC is it is almost next door to ACSC making the most excellent choice for their archives. I was looking to visit so I could look for the missing pieces to my ACSC lists posted on the RMCA webpage.

It's very interesting and Morgan is quite helpful. The contact information is here:

Even though it says M-F, I think Morgan prefers public research on Thursdays, since he has so many photos to scan. Still, you could probably go on other days if there was no way to make it on a Thursday. He just wants to make sure he can help and devote time to the researchers, which he can't do if he's doing archival work. They have index binders for the strip maps and such, but they aren't very organized as yet. It would be great if all the indexes were digitized and online, because then you could figure out what you wanted to see before the visit.


ACSC Collector:
Thank you Steve for the link. I will try to email Morgan again to see when it would be best to visit. I also would like to visit the old historic ACSC headquarters next door. I think it would be an asset for me since I might be able to locate map numbers of maps in my collection that were later revised without a date code. In fact I have, for example, two exact maps of Pasadena with Ramona Acres printed on one while the other has the modern Monterey Park on the other. All of the roads are printed the same. To I.D. the map dates was to look on the web page on the history of Monterey Park and find out when Ramona Park changed it's name. Thus I was able to get a pretty good estimate on the map date. I also have the same thing on a set of 3 maps of Orange county. One showing the proposed McArthur Blvd. another without and one showing the completed route. I am still trying to find out the history on its construction. Then I could find a more precise date of my maps

ACSC Collector:
OK, here are the first 100 maps listed in my files. I can send segments from time to time since there are over 2,000 map numbers to categorize. Steve please give me your input since this is probably the most complete list outside the USC archives.

Map Number         Discription                                  Dates                 Notes

    1-4            N.A.
    4A             Portland, Or. via Mount Hood Loop            N.A.                  Touring Topics map
    5-12           N.A.
   13              Los Angeles to Santa Ana                     N.A.                  Card strip map 13, 160
   14              N.A.
   14A             Winatchee to Pateros, Wa.                    N.A.                  Card strip map
   15-27           N.A.
   27A             In and Out of Los Angeles                    1913                  Map found in "Los Angeles in Maps" by Glen Creason 2010
   28-33           N.A.
   34              Pendleton to Willows, Or.                    N.A.                  Card strip map
   35-43           N.A
   44              Rts of E. Calif. And W Nevada                1913                  Card strip map 90
   45              Los Angeles to Altadena                      5/4/12                Card strip map 36
   46              Los Angeles to Monrovia Canyon               5/6/1912              Card strip map 11
   47              Los Angeles to San Gabriel Canyon            5/7/12                Card strip map 14
   48              N.A.
   49              Los Angeles to Camp Baldy                    5/18/12               Card strip map 10
   50              Auto Rtes Between L.A., S.D. & Yuma          N.A.                  Card strip map 32
   51              N.A.
   52              Los Angeles to san Dimas Canyon              5/23/1912             Card strip map 12
   53              Auto Touring Rtes to Arrowhead Springs       N.A.                  Card Strip map
   54              N.A.
   55              Los Angeles to santa Ana & Return            1912                  Card strip map 9
   56              Los Angeles to Topanga Canyon                6/9/12                Card strip map 3
   57              Los Angeles to Placerita Canyon              6/8/12                Card strip map 88
   58              L.A. to Topanga Canyon                       N.A.                  Card strip map 3
   59              Los Angeles to Pico & Wiley Canyons          6/17/12               Card strip map 89
   60              Los Angeles to San Fernando Valley           1912                  Card strip map 19
   61              Auto Rts from L.A. to Redlands & Riverside   6/28/12               Card strip map 33
   62              Los Angeles to crag's Country Club           6/27/12               Card strip map 8
   63              L.A. to Sunland, La Crescenta & La Canada    6/26/12               Card strip map 4
   64              Los Angeles to Bakersfield                   7/2/12                Card strip map 25
   65              Bakersfield to Kerrville                     7/3/12                Card strip map 5
   66              Los Angeles to Haiwee                        1912                  Card strip map 38
   67              Haiwee to Mono Lake Pt 2                     1912                  Card strip map 39
   68              Mono Lake to Lake Tahoe                      1912                  Card strip map 40
   69-71           N.A.
   72              Lemon Cover to Sanger                        1912                  Card strip map 26
   73-75           N.A.
   76              Auto Rts between LA and San Diego            1912                  Card strip map 31
   77              N.A
   78              Auto Rtes. Between L.A. & San Diego          N.A.                  Card Strip map
   79              Rtes. From L.A. to San Francisco             N.A.                  Card strip map 24
   80              Auto Roads of Yosemite NP                    1912                  Card strip map 44
   81              Los Angeles to Ventura                       8/18/12               Card strip map 20
   82              Auto Roads of San Diego County               N.A.                  Card strip map 2
   83-89           N.A
   90              Rts from Sacramento to Reno/LT               1912                  Card strip map 29
   91              Rts from San Francisco to Sacramento         1913                  Card strip map 28
   92              Los Angeles to Daggett                       N.A.                  Card Strip map
   93              Barstow & Daggett to Needles                 N.A.                  Card Strip map
   94-99           N.A.
  100              Redlands to Pine Knot Lodge & Big Bear Lake  1913                  Card strip map 41


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