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El Camino Real 1906 Maps and Directions, Oceanside to San Juan Capistrano

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Good insights and info.  I appreciate it!

Gosh, I didn't know there was a sub-mission at Los Flores, and I drove right past the site five days a week for four years!

Do you prefer to move north or south for the next segment....or jump over to 80 and the Old Spanish Trail.......or?

Good to Go!

I guess we can work on San Diego County. As I said, I'm curious about what is shown for the pre-1920 paths between San Luis Rey and Del Mar and La Jolla. We can post in this thread, but may want to do other counties in new threads so the load time is reduced for people opening it up.

Here's the 1920 map. There is a lot of history on this little map.
• The first thing that jumps out is Camp Kearny (which should really be Kearney of course, but San Diego has always spelled it incorrectly). The cement guard shack for the camp still exists on the east side of UCSD near the parking police. It was a WWI base. Here is some info, and here are some photos.
• The road running parallel and east of the coast route, is the one that is still called El Camino Real today.
• Torrey Pines grade is the road to the state park now. The road south of the park headquarters still goes through, but is now bike and pedestrian only.
• "Ramona's Marriage Place" was for many decades (since the 1880s) the top tourist attraction in San Diego. More post cards of San Diego show it than any other scene. It was supposedly the marriage place of the fictional subject of Helen Hunt Jackson's famous novel Ramona, the most important and influential fictional book in the history of Southern California. The home is now called Casa de Estudillo, since it was the actual home of the Estudillo family. It is now part of the Old Town state park.
• The route ends on Broadway near 4th and 5th Street. This would be the site of the Pacific Milestone, the terminus of the transcontinental auto trails. There is an El Camino Real bell there also. This was the first terminus of US 80 in 1926.
• US 101 would have its early route through Pacific Beach and Old Town, and down India Street (through Little Italy) to Broadway.
• Hotel del Coronado is shown north of the tent city.
• The Theosophical Institute was later replaced by a series of colleges. It is currently the site of Point Loma Nazarene University.

[Map below is pre-1923, and is therefore in the public domain. It is posted for research purposes only.]



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