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Welcome to the site!

This folder is to make suggestions, volunteer content, and ask questions about the web site itself.
You can also use this section to make suggestions about the forum's structure.


Bill K:
Dont forget to add a spot for U.S. 14.


Unfortunately it would be impossible to start an entire forum directory for every US highway. I encourage you to start a US 14 thread in "Other US Highways." If any thread becomes really big and popular, I could create a folder to allow multiple threads. Right now, I'm happy that someone is posting here besides me!  ;D

I've updated the forum to the latest SMF version. I also altered several thing related to registration. Many people were registering, but the notifications to me ended up in some email black hole. The registration process has been modified and the emails should be getting to me now.
I've also added links to the top of the forum to make getting back to the main sites easier.



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