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Bankhead Highway / Re: Bankhead route in Arkansas
« Last post by Parsa on May 26, 2013, 12:17:06 PM »
Map number 28.

This is the Bismarck 7.5-minute quad from 1966 (1976 revisions), with a small corner of the De Roche 7.5 minute quad (1966).
This shows the area midway between Hot Springs and Arkadelphia, between the small town of Bismarck, Arkansas and De Gray Lake.

A railroad line is shown on the Dunn guide map and on the ACSC 1928 strip map. I find no reference to the rail line elsewhere, but there is a faint trace of what may have been a railroad line at the point indicated on the Dunn guide.

Red = Dunn guide. Black mileage = Locke guide (western path to Arkadelphia). Green = 1928 ACSC strip map mileages.

Bankhead Highway / Re: Bankhead route in Arkansas
« Last post by Parsa on May 12, 2013, 08:25:50 PM »
Map number 27.

This is the Bismarck 7.5-minute quad from 1966 (1976 revisions).
This shows the area south of Lake Hamilton near the small town of Bismarck, Arkansas.

Except for the Bismarck mileages, these could all very well be off. There are just not enough waypoints such as railroad or stream crossings to make these side road mileages certain.

Much of this road has now been straightened to eliminate smaller curves. Remnants of these older curves still exist, and are noted on the map.

Red = Dunn guide. Black mileage = Locke guide (western path to Arkadelphia). Green = 1928 ACSC strip map mileages.

Bankhead Highway / Re: Bankhead route in Arkansas
« Last post by Parsa on May 12, 2013, 04:46:14 PM »
Here is the Dunn guide map for the Arkansas State Route 7 path between Hot Springs and Arkadelphia. North is at the bottom. This highway has been disrupted by the creation of several large reservoir lakes. Since there are very few landmarks except the town of Bismarck, it's pretty hard to identify the mileage points along the way.


The Locke guide has two routes. North is at the bottom. The main dark one on the left is the eastern route along current US 270. The thin one on the right is the same path as that of the Dunn guide above. it follows State Route 7.


Lastly, we have a 1928 ACSC map, that is one of the only maps that shows the route and it's bridges before the lakes existed. North is at the top.
[This map is posted for educational, non-commercial purposes only.]

Bankhead Highway / Re: Bankhead route in Arkansas
« Last post by Parsa on May 12, 2013, 03:28:30 PM »
Map number 26.

This is the Hot Springs South 7.5-minute quads from 1966 (1976 revisions).
This shows the area immediately south of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and covers Lake Hamilton, the old Ouachita River crossing.

All the mileages on this map are very suspect due to the change in Highway 7 after the construction of the dam and Lake Hamilton. The red triangles show possible locations for the bridge before the lake appeared. There was a beautiful arch bridge across the lake prior to the current one, but this was torn down. The railings appear as decorative fencing in a nearby property. I have no real clue at this time where the old bridge stood. It may have been near the current bridge, or it could have been at the site of the ferry crossings for the old Higdon Ferry. The ferry site is shown on the pre-1900 maps and reprints that continued into the 1940s. State highway construction maps from the 1920s may show this. The red path is taken from a road shown on the older topo maps.

Red = Dunn guide. Black mileage = Locke guide (western path to Arkadelphia)

General American Road Topics / Arkansas State Highway maps
« Last post by Parsa on May 03, 2013, 10:27:23 AM »
• The official 1936 Arkansas state highway maps for each county are online:

   Historical County Maps - 1936

• State highway maps of the entire state dating back to 1916 are also online:

   Arkansas State Highways Maps – By Year

General American Road Topics / Arkansas Highways magazine online
« Last post by Parsa on May 03, 2013, 10:11:25 AM »
Arkansas Highways, the official monthly magazine of the Arkansas State Highway Department is online:

Early Arkansas Highway Magazines (1924-2010)

Highway 66 / 1936 Texas State Highway Maps for 66
« Last post by Parsa on April 30, 2013, 08:15:51 PM »
The following are the sheets for the 1936 Texas state general highway and transportation maps. They were revised in 1939 and 1940. I'll present them east to west along Route 66 from the Oklahoma to the New Mexico line.

These are all very large maps that may take a while to load.

Map legend

1. Wheeler County

2. Gray County

3. Carson County

4. Potter County

5. Oldham County and Deaf Smith County

National Old Trails Road / Arizona County maps along the NOTR
« Last post by Parsa on April 30, 2013, 11:48:15 AM »
These are the maps of Arizona counties along the National Old Trails Road from Apache County west to Mohave County. Some counties have more than one map.

The files are rather large, and may take a while to load. You can also just right-click the link and download them.

Apache County 1918 (north sheet)

Navajo County 1918, detail (north sheet: whole map)

Coconino County 1921, detail (whole map)

Yavapai County 1920, detail (whole map)
Yavapai County 1920 bond issue map of highways to be constructed, detail (whole map)

Mohave County 1913
Mohave County 1917
Mohave County 1917 road map (this is the best one)

Highway 66 / 1937 Arizona State Highway Maps for 66
« Last post by Parsa on April 29, 2013, 10:46:58 PM »
The following are the sheets for the 1937 Arizona state general highway and transportation maps. I'll present them east to west along Route 66 from the New Mexico to the California line. There are often separate map sheets showing the smaller towns, and I'll include the ones that show Route 66 towns.

These are all very large maps that may take a while to load.

Map legend

1. Apache County map 4.
2. Apache County map 5.
Apache County towns, including Lupton, Navajo, and Sanders.
3. Navajo County map 5.
Navajo County towns including Winslow, Holbrook, and Joseph City.
4. Coconino County map 12.
5. Coconino County map 11.
6. Coconino County map 10.
7. Yavapai County map 1.
Yavapai County towns including Seligman and Ashfork.
8. Coconino County map 8.
9. Mohave County map 8.
10. Mohave County map 9.
11. Mohave County map 10.
12. Mohave County map 11.
Mohave County towns including Peach Springs, Kingman, Goldroad, and Oatman.

Auto trail associations in the Official Good Roads Year Book

Note: National, state and local good roads associations are not listed. These are only specific highway associations.


National Old Trails Road Association
Officers.—J. M. Lowe, president, Kansas City, Missouri; Harvey M. Shields, general vice-president, Dawson, New Mexico; Colonel Walter Williams, advisory vice-president, Columbia, Missouri; E. S. Ralph, Treasurer, Springfield, Ohio; Frank A. Davis, secretary, Kansas City, Missouri.

Headquarters.—222 Midland Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

Purpose.—To aid and encourage the building of roads particularly national highways and especially the Old Trails road leading from Washington, D. C, to the Pacific Ocean.

Southern National Highway
Officers.—Colonel Dell M. Potter of Clifton, Arizona, president; Colonel Bennehan Cameron of Stagville, North Carolina, general vice-president; Mr. D. R. Ellis of Clifton, Arizona, secretary; and Mr. F. W. Jackson of San Diego, California, treasurer. The vicepresidents for the various States are as follows: Alabama, Mr. W. S. Kellar of Montgomery; South Carolina, Mr. F. H. Hyatt of Columbia; North Carolina, Dr. C. P. Ambler of Asheville; Virginia, Mr. Preston Belvin of Richmond; Kentucky, Mr. James Maret of Mt. Vernon; Tennessee, Cyrus Kehr of Knoxville; Arizona, Mr. Patrick Rose of Globe; and California, Mr. A. S. Spalding of San Diego.

Headquarters.—Clifton, Arizona.

Purpose.—The purpose of the Association is to establish a transcontinental highway from Washington, D. C, to San Diego, California, by a route sufficiently far south to avoid the snows of the Rocky Mountains.

Capital Highway Association
Officers.—Leonard Tufts, president, Pinehurst, N. C; Allen Potts, vice-president of Virginia, Richmond, Va.; George W. Watts, vice-president of North Carolina, Durham, N. C; Dr. E. M. Whaley, vice-president of South Carolina, Columbia, S. C; W. E. Bush, vice-president of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia; Edwin W. Robertson, treasurer, Columbia, S. C; John R. McQueen, secretary, Pinehurst, N. C.

Purposes.—The object of the Association is to interest the people to build a road from Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia, via Raleigh and Columbia and probably passing through Petersburg, Emporia, Henderson and Raleigh, or possibly via Clarksville, Oxford and Durham, from Raleigh the road will probably go via Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Rockingham, Cheraw, Darlington, Hartsville and Camden to Columbia. From thence to Atlanta via Augusta. The road will be approximately 700 miles long and of this 700 miles the Association has interested the people to build approximately 600 miles so far. The road from Fayetteville to Atlanta has all been built and for the most part has been fairly well maintained.

Quebec-Miami International Highway Association
Officers.—Howard D. Hadley, president, Plattsburgh, New York; George A. Simard, vice-president, care Franco-American Chemical Company, Montreal, P. Q.; N. M. Parrott, secretary, 763 Calvert Building, Baltimore, Md.

Board of directors are as follows: George A. Simard, Montreal, representing Quebec; Howard D. Hadley, Plattsburgh, representing New York State; Isaac Simonin, Germantown, representing Pennsylvania; Fred F. Smith, Bridgeton, representing New Jersey; Gen. T. Coleman du Pont, Wilmington, representing Delaware; Charles H. Dickey, Baltimore, representing Maryland; Leslie T. McCleary, Willaid Hotel, Washington, representing District of Columbia; Preston Belvin, Sr., Richmond, representing Virginia; Col. Bennehan Cameron, Stagville, representing North Carolina; E. J. Watson, Columbia, representing South Carolina; Joseph F. Gray, Savannah, representing Georgia; E. B. Douglass, Miami, representing Florida.

Headquarters.—Plattsburgh, New York (president's office); 763 Calvert Building, Baltimore, Maryland (secretary's office).

Purposes.—To bring about the building of a fine modern highway between Quebec, Canada and Miami, Florida, U. S. A.
To strive for wise, equitable and uniform road legislation in the States through which the "International Highway" is to run.
To advocate the correlation of all road construction so that the important roads of each Province, State and county shall connect with those adjoining, and the important roads of each nation may connect with those of adjoining nations.
To strive for the utilization of convict labor on highways, where that course is consistent with local policy, so as to involve the least possible competition with free labor, the utmost public benefit and a healthy moral and physical development of the convict.
To promote intercourse, peace, trade and friendly relations between Canada and the United States.

The New Santa Fe Trail
Officers.—R. H. Faxon, president, editor The Evening Telegram, president Kansas Development Association, chairman Kansas State conservation commission, Garden City, Kansas; J. R. Moorehead, vice-president Missouri Grand Division, Lexington, Missouri; O. M. Wilhite, vice-president Eastern Kansas Grand Division, Emporia, Kansas; E. E. Frizell, vice-president Western Kansas Grand Division, Mayor, Lamed, Kansas; R. H. Higgins, vice-president Colorado Grand Division, Pueblo, Colorado; R. E. Twitchell, vice-president New Mexico Grand Division, East Las Vegas, New Mexico; C. H. Scott, secretary-treasurer, Hutchinson, Kansas; H. H. Taylor, official pilot, Hutchinson, Kansas.

Headquarters.—Office The Evening Telegram, Garden City, Kansas; office The Daily News, Hutchinson, Kansas.

Purposes.—To promote the cause of good roads.
To construct and maintain an interstate highway.
To preserve the history, tradition, and romance of the Old Santa Fe Trail, the first highway of commerce and pioneering in the West.
To bring about wise and useful State roads legislation, as the organization has already done in the State of Kansas.
To project the gospel of, first, federal establishment of transcontinental highways; second, to bring about federal aid, in conjunction and cooperation with the several States.
To bring about definite State supervision of roads; the amendment of State constitutions which at present forbid "work of internal improvement," this organization believing and holding that roadmaking and road supervision are a State function; and to promote as an economical and sociological phase the utilization of convict labor; and to promote the doctrine that the cause of good roads presents the greatest economic, industrial, and social question in the country today.

Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Good Roads Association
Officers.—S. A. Searle, president, Omaha, Nebraska; W. A. Taylor, treasurer, Hastings, Nebraska; G.E. Parisoe, secretary, Minden, Nebraska; A. Barnett, first vice-president, McCook, Nebraska; C. E. Bowlby, second vice-president, Friend, Nebraska.

Santa Fe, Grand Canon, Needles, National Highway Association
Officers.—John R. Whiteside, M.D., president, Kingman, Arizona; E. F. Thompson, secretary, Kingman, Arizona; M. I. Powers, Treasurer, Flagstaff, Arizona. Vice-presidents: J. B. Gill, San Bernardino, California; G. D. Hutchinson, Barstow, California; L. V. Root, Needles, California; Carl G. Krook, Kingman, Arizona; E. S. Clark, Prescott, Arizona; J. S. Amundsen, Williams, Arizona; J. G. Verkamp, Flagstaff, Arizona; Harry Asbury, Winslow, Arizona; W. H. Clark, Holbrook, Arizona; Fred T. Colter, Springerville, Arizona; C. N. Cotton, Gallup, New Mexico; Sylvestre Mirabel, San Rafael, New Mexico.

Arkansas, Rio Grande, Gunnison and Grand River Highway Ass'n (Colorado)
C. R. McLain, president, Canon City.

Lincoln Highway Association of Colorado
Leonard E. Curtis, president, Colorado Springs.

Rocky Mountain Highway Association (Colorado)

River Road Association (Iowa)
J. W. Eichinger, secretary, Des Moines.

Golden Belt Road Association (Kansas)
G. E. Munzenmayer, president, Junction City; B. W. Smith, secretary, Manhattan.

Meridian Road Association (Kansas)
W. W. Watson, president, Salina; John C. Nicholson, secretary, Newton.

Old Santa Fe Trail Association (Kansas)
Frank A. Davis secretary, Herington

The Sunflower Trail (Kansas)
R. M. Anderson, president; Dr. C. B. Kern, secretary, Beloit.

Tri-State Trail Association (Kansas)
H. O. Douglas, president, Oberlin; Charles Sawyer, secretary, Norton.

Michigan Trunk Line Highway Association (Michigan)
George Hartrigh, president, Pinconing, Michigan.

Short Line Route Association (Missouri)
M. H. Hall, president, Tarkio; F. S. Traveis, secretary, Tarkio.

St. Joe-Des Moines Interstate Trail Association
W. A. Hopkins, president, Lamoni, Iowa; Daniel Anderson, secretary, Lamoni, Iowa.

Cannon Ball Trail Association (Missouri)
Jas. R. Bowsher, president, Leon, Iowa; Chas. D. Davis, secretary, Princeton.

St. Joe-Des Moines Ayr Line Association
A. I. Smith, president, Mt. Ayr, Iowa; H. C. Beard, secretary, Mt. Ayr, Iowa.

Sedalia-Springfield Highway Association (Missouri)
W. S. Jackson, president, Warsaw; M. V. Carroll, secretary, Sedalia.

Old Trails Road Association (Missouri)
Walter Williams, president, Columbia; E. H. Mitchell, secretary, Marshall.

Capitol Route State Highway Association (Missouri)
J. H. Bothwell, president, Sedalia; M. V. Carroll, secretary.

North Missouri Cross State Highway Association (Missouri)
George Robertson, president, Mexico; John F. Morton, secretary, Richmond.

Meridian Road Association (Nebraska)
Charles Baugh, secretary, York; R. L. Castile, Secretary, Stromsburg; F. O. Edgecomb, secretary, Geneva; G. W. Phillips, Secretary, Columbus; M. C. Garrett, secretary, Madison; A. Koyen, secretary, Norfolk.

Ocean to Ocean Highway Association (New Mexico)
R. E. Twitchell, vice-president, East Las Vegas.

Charlotte-Wilmington Highway Association (North Carolina)
A. D. Skelding, secretary, Charlotte.

Hutchinson County Meridian Road Club (South Dakota)
A. J. Waltner, secretary, Freeman.

Meridian Road Committee (South Dakota)
Henry S. Morris, chairman, Sisseton.

Memphis-Bristol Highway Association (Tennessee)
George A. Gowan, president, 1201 Woodland Street; C. C. Gilbert, secretary, Stahlman Building, Nashville.

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