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Los Angeles to Phoenix

The second of the road races between California and Arizona.

― from Touring Topics, November 1909, page 12.


One of the events of the coming month which is going to try out the cars participating, to the utmost limit, will be the Los Angeles to Phoenix run, to begin November 6th from the Hollenbeck Hotel at ten P. M. The cars entered are the Apperson “Jackrabbit,” the lsotta Fraschini, the Franklin "Greyhound,” Studebaker E. M. F., Buick, Ford “Saucy Jane,” Elmore, Pennsylvania, Dorris “Red Head," and Columbia. The cars will leave every fifteen minutes going north on Spring and Main to San Bernardino, Beaumont, Banning, Indio, Mecca, Dos Palms, Chucawalla, Colorado River to Ehrenburg, Quartzite, Vicksburg, Salome, Buckeye, then the Christy Road to the Fair Grounds where the track events will take place.
For the past week the cars have been busy trying out the course, and while it is conceded by all who have been over the route that the road is one of the worst, it is believed that last year’s record will be greatly lowered. In a long run of this kind it is hard to state what car would stand the best show, as the conditions are so varied, and so much depends upon the drivers of the cars, that at best it would be only a guess. Checkers will be stationed at Dos Palms, Ehrenburg and Chucawalla.
The Maricopa Automobile Club has promised all kinds of entertainment for the visiting motorists, and it is safe to say that no matter who the victor is, any of the cars that get through will be worthy of congratulation.



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