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The Associated Highways of America

― from Municipal Journal, February 15 1919, page 140-141.


Delegates from 37 good roads associations, each of which has a trail of more than 500 miles touching at least three states, held their first nationwide conference on Jan. 22 in Kansas City, Mo., and perfected permanent organization, choosing “The Associated Highways of America” as the official title and electing C. F. Adams, president of the Pike's Peak Ocean-to-Ocean highway, as president.
Every state except Massachusetts was represented by delegates.
Resolutions setting forth the purpose of the new league were adopted. “A well defined and connected system of improved highways, in order to expedite the distribution of large volumes of foodstuffs, 50 per cent of which now are wasted on account of the lack of prompt and adequate highway transportation, is one of the greatest ends to be sought,” the resolutions say.
A national highway system to be built and maintained in whole or in part by the national government also is to be urged, the resolutions set forth.
The movement was launched at the recent Chicago conference of the American Association of State Highway Officials and the Highway Industries Association. A temporary organization was then formed with Frank A. Davis of Kansas City, temporary secretary. These associations were represented: Yellowstone Trail Association, Lincoln Highway Association, Pikes Peak Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Association, National Old Trails Association, Jefferson Highway Association, King of Trails Association, Dallas-Canadian-Denver Association, Burlington Way Association, Daniel Boone Trails Association, Sunshine Highway Association, Albert Pike Highway Association, Mississippi Scenic Highway Association, Diagonal Trail Association.


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